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Are you new in Germany and looking for a job?

Then you've come to the right place, because our internship-platform will help you. Here you can find internships in different cities in Bavaria.

An internship is the best way to analyze your strengths and find your passion for your future career. It will teach you different skills required in each particular working field and shows you what a daily working routine in a company looks like.

Internships are usually unpaid, yet the benefit of gaining first hand experience from the "real" working world is much more valuable. Moreover, getting the chance of trying out one of so many job opportunities may help you to choose the right career for yourself. On top of that: internships are the first step of getting in touch with a real company, therefore, it could open new doors for your future career!

What do you need for an internship?

  • Basic knowledge of German
  • Age: at least 14
  • 3-month residence permit and approval from the foreigners’ office

How to apply

Most companies will tell you exactly how to apply. If you don’t understand something or are unsure, simply call the company! Or write an e-mail. Names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses can be found in the contact information. Our info pool contains examples of application documents in German.

Your internship – the first step towards dual vocational training

An internship may help you to find out which job is best for you. Therefore, if you enjoyed your internship, you may apply for a vocational training course as a second step. Companies that offer internships on indicate in their ads, if they provide vocational trainings courses and/or even employment after an internship. Interested in a dual vocational training course? Participating in such a training helps you to explore theoretical and practical knowledge in your field of interest, provides you with a great foundation for your professional future, and makes you earn your own money.

You didn´t find a suitable internship? Please contact us!

You did not find a suitable internship on our website? Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We´ll be happy to help you.

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